DUI Defense Expertise

user_203359Rhys Cartwright-Jones is a skilled and seasoned criminal defense attorney in Youngstown, Ohio.  While he has experience defending a variety of accused crimes, one of his areas of expertise is DUI and drunk driving charges.  Those being accused of/charged with drinking and driving or DUI have their future and their freedom at stake- it is of utmost important that they take proper action to ensure that they maintain their rights and their reputation.  Rhys Cartwright-Jones understands the severity of the consequences an individual charged with a DUI faces and will work ardently on an individuals’ case, paying acute attention to the details pertaining to the unique situation of each client.

Rhys Cartwright-Jones understands the strictness of the DUI laws in Ohio and is cognizant of the infringement of rights that often occur at the scene of a DUI traffic stop.  He will be sure to collect all available information on what tests were administered to determine blood alcohol level and anything that may have occurred between law enforcement and the individual at the scene of the stop.  Similarly, he will not hesitate to confront the initial reason for the stop and investigate the feasibility of a false positive result of an individual’s blood, breath or urine test.

One of the most hindering types of charges involved in a DUI case is the suspension of an individual’s drivers license.  Rhys Cartwright-Jones has handled a number of cases in which he was able to gain a license for the client that allowed them to keep their license for work and other necessary travel.  However, in order to fight this suspension in the best manner, it is imperative that an individual take swift action in securing a lawyer.  Rhys Cartwright-Jones will stand as a strong representative at an administrative hearing and can be sure the client understands exactly what they are facing and what their options are from there.  Contact Rhys Cartwright-Jones to represent you today.